DP Ruto gets emotional and teary as he explains how he founded Jubilee with Uhuru

Deputy President Doctor William Ruto is a man who wears his heart on a sleeve, and this has been clear to many Kenyans ever since he broke down crying at the dais of Faith Evangelistic Ministries, back in 2013. This forced his wife, Rachel Ruto, to walk up to him and calm him down, consoling him. Yesterday, in an intense and touching moment, the DP appeared to be on the verge of breaking down once again, as he spoke about an issue that he has admitted in the past, is very close to him.

All this unfolded during a live interview on KTN News that took place at DP William Ruto’s official Karen residence yesterday. The interview itself was conducted by top presenter, Sophia Wanuna.

For the first time ever, the DP came out clearly during a recent political rally to declare his support for the United Democratic Alliance party, UDA, which had only been remotely associated with him in the past. Following this, Sophia Wanuna asked him whether it meant that he had now ditched the ruling party. The DP, in response to this, moved quickly to clarify that UDA has a working arrangement with Jubilee, and so he was perfectly in order to have dealings with both parties. He also made it clear that the reason he had to seek an alternative to Jubilee is because Jubilee has been greatly damaged.

At this point, Wanuna asked him why then he couldn’t just walk out of the party altogether instead of holding on to a party whose vision he no longer shares.

The DP reflected on this for a while, before delving gently into the issue in a nostalgic tone. He spoke about how he, and the president, came together, with a noble dream of bringing the country together through a nationalistic party such a Jubilee. Midway through his explanation, his voice appeared to break, whereby he had to pause, and take time to compose himself, before managing to proceed.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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