DP Ruto declares Bottom-up is about businesses making between 5 to 800 million

For a while now, deputy president William Ruto has been accused by critics of hoodwinking the poor men and women of Kenya with his Bottom-up approach which has successfully managed to capture the imagination of millions of Kenyans with its impassioned plea of putting the low-wage earners first. However, in a startling revelation, the DP appears to have made an astonishing about turn on the groups that will enjoy top priority in his famed Bottom-up approach.

In the incredible statement that was posted on his online accounts, the deputy president said that the main aim of the Bottom-up approach is to give priority to the small and medium size enterprises.

Of worth to note is that, Small and Medium Sized enterprises, popularly known as SMES, have a well laid out and definite definition under the Micro and Small Enterprises Act.

Under the Micro and Small Enterprise Act of 2012, micro enterprises have a maximum annual turnover of KES 500,000 and employ less than 10 people. Small enterprises have between KES 500,00 and 5 million annual turnover and employ 10-49 people. Medium enterprises have generally been covered as, comprising of enterprises with a turnover of between KES 5 million and 800 million and employing 50-99 employees.

In the aforementioned post which the deputy president updated soon after meeting with a delegation of business people, he wrote,

The Bottom-Up Economic Model is deliberately designed to position small and medium-sized enterprises at its centre. It grants them priority attention and rigorous support, appreciating that they are the backbone of our economy, generating jobs and opportunities for millions of ordinary Kenyans.
Met and engaged with small-scale traders from Nairobi County at the Karen Residence; agreed to press for the modernisation and upgrading of public markets, and access to affordable credit to businesses.

In his previous pronouncements during public rallies, the Deputy President has adversely talked about the mama mbogas and boda bodas, thus giving the impression of a leader who is more concerned with helping those at the lowest rung of the economic ladder, and not millionaires.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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