DP Ruto attacked by Kenyans after enjoining Raila in his Response to Daily Nation Newspaper Headline

Deputy President William Ruto was cornered by alert Kenyans who confronted him with the truth after unpacking his lies.

Ruto who was reacting to Daily Nation newspaper headline that read “Ruto, Raila fight for the Hustlers” welcomed the former Prime Minister to his Hustler movement writing:

“My friend Tinga,welcome to Hustler movement.The CONVERSATION here is about the ECONOMY not ethnicity,EMPOWERMENT not power,JOBS not positions, creating OPPORTUNITY/WEALTH not sharing,CITIZENS not leaders BY changing POLICY not the constitution to BOTTOM UP not top down economics”.

Comments came in thick and fast with many dismissing Ruto for hiding behind the suffering of millions of Kenyans to drive his selfish agenda and 2022 bid.

Many noted that Ruto is the Deputy President, a position he has held for 8 years and should have applied his bottom-up approach.

Other reminded him that what he is saying is yet another of his countless lies, reminding him the promises he made in 2017 that are yet to be filled as his last term as DP draws to an end.

Some reminded him that under his watch as DP, his Weston Hotel attempted to grab Lang’ata road Primary School land and wondered what would happen should he be the president.

Some users noted that Ruto has been rumbling around with Bottoms up and hustler agenda without a clear strategy on how to achieve the same until Raila gave it a clearer picture.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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