DP impeachment: the six MPs Kieleweke is chasing, and the three senators tanga tanga is holding on to

The push to impeach the deputy president seems to have reached a most intense stage that is now whittling down the process to tiny nitty-gritties, with only a handful of legislators holding the DP’s fate in their hands.
What began as a wide and diverse expansive and inclusive process has now become so targeted and narrowed, as the architects of the push find themselves dragging it down to the wire.
According to the constitution, there are well laid out provisions that are required and have to be met before either a President or Deputy President can be impeached. Most of the requirements are situational. For instance, if a president or deputy president has committed gross violations of the constitution, if he has committed abuse of office offenses, or if he is of unstable mind, or any other medical condition that renders him or her incapable of performing the duties bestowed upon him, or her, by the constitution.
However, there is another batch of requirements needed in order to impeach a president or deputy president, and these are entirely numerical.
It states that in order to impeach a president or deputy president, a total of two-thirds of the members of the National Assembly have to vote in favour of the motion, after which, another total of two-thirds of members of the Senate also have to vote in favour of the motion so as to ratify the decision by the National Assembly. Failure to achieve either of these thresholds will result into a failure of the push.
A breakdown of the numbers shows that the National Assembly has a total of 349, while the Senate has a total of 67 members.
This means, in order to impeach either a President or his deputy, one needs 233 members in the National Assembly and 45 members in the Senate.
As things stand currently, tanga tanga has 122 members in support of the Deputy President. This means that in the event of an impeachment motion, the Kieleweke team would need to scoop 6 members from the DP’s 122 in order to bolster their numbers to 233 which is what they need to take the day.
In contrast, in the Senate, the DP’s camp has 20 sure supporters. However, this falls short of 23 which is the magic number they would require in order to deny their competitors the two-thirds they would require.[0]=AT0MuGaHSxSbSuqMv5fpYAn3d4gTA9pb-d6l5je9aOJkeMQksYrkWdBNF4xbseyYFhRL2mdZLPEEj3AY1G1CUuUH_lVmt98X2lKDlMtGf0_qhtgQlx530BcfuNR4lpJZy8Mk31t4dBckn_pnoQoEBbrt4zKVcab9-4dHUsXb_-Y88Z8

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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