Doom For Teachers If Sossion Is Kicked Out

Wilson Sossion

KNUT(Kenya National Union of Teachers) Secretary General, Wilson Sossion, is a leader you would like to hate for his hotheadedness and tenacity in fighting for the rights of teachers but instead uphold respect for his fearlessness in standing by what he thinks is right.

Sossion who has been at the helm of KNUT’s leadership oversaw a few adjustments in increment of allowances and salaries for teachers, promotions and overall well being for the basic teacher. In just a short while, Sossion had managed to make KNUT one of the strongest unions after COTU(Central Organization for Trade Unions).

While there are thousands of teachers who can easily step up to be voted in his capacity after he has been kicked out, getting one who is as fearless and vocal with outright disdain for their employer’s wrongs will take a while. As a matter of fact, Sossion is an important pillar that holds KNUT together, without him there’s no union.

With the recent front that has seen Kenyans witness the other KNUT officials chicken out to an extent of plotting against Sossion who’s one of their own, the doom that awaits teachers will hit them hard. In no time, teachers will slowly fall back to the 1990s era where they were paid meager salaries, decisions forced down their throats and little to zero engagements in matters curriculum adjustment.

As the waves stand currently, teachers who are affiliated to KNUT umbrella had their salaries slashed and some withheld in a move to intimidate them towards creating a front in ousting Sossion but the storm has only began, tides will get tougher.

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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