Donald Kipkorir reveals how Kenyan politicians have been using Raila to gain political mileage

Renowned City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has spoken about how Kenyan politicians have been thriving on ODM leader Raila Odinga for many years to remain relevant in politics.

Kipkorir had noted that the politicians have made it a habit to ride on the former prime minister’s popularity to gain their political mileage only to disregard him once they have established their political bases.

He stated that by abusing Raila, the politicians are assured of remaining relevant in their careers.

“Without abusing Raila Odinga, the political lives of many politicians will end the same day. And without riding on his popularity, we will never have heard of many politicians … Baba is a Lake to most political fishes..Baba is a Lake to most political fishes. It is laughable when neophytes like Malala are joining the abusers.” Kipkorir said.

This is after the ODM party was criticised following its decision to remove Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala as the Senate Deputy Minority leader.

The Lawyer noted that it was out of Raila’s effort that ANC’s Senator Malala got the position of Senate Deputy Minority leader but failed to appreciate Raila.

“When will Musalia Mudavadi learn to build his own house? Why does he always want to be assisted? He abuses Raila Odinga at every opportunity he gets but wants ODM to give him free seats … Let ANC give Cleophas Malala a Committee in the Senate!” Donald Kipkorir said.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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