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Donald Kipkorir Blasts Kenyans who are Two-faced about Christianity

The outspoken lawyer has come out to condemn Christians who only act right on specific days and sin the rest of the days. It is a common occurrence in Kenya that politicians play dirty games during the week then act holier than thou on Sundays while in church or fundraising events.  It’s also possible he was also talking about the common mwananchi who does unjust things during the week and then repents every Sunday.  For now it remains unclear who the elite and successful lawyer was talking about and may have just been a general observation he made.

“Kenya is 90% Christian ….. From Monday to Saturday, we abuse, denigrate, deligitimize, steal, kill ….. Then on Sunday, we go to Church, sing Hallelujah, give Testimonies of God’s Grace, pay tithes … Kenyans must be thinking God is a Kenyan who is flattered & corrupted.” – Donald Kipkorir.


The tweet attracted a lot of attention from Kenyans who majorly agreed with him, while others had divergent and funny views as expected.


“We even shamelessly contribute on Sunday what we have looted from Monday to Friday and money minded hungry Preachers, Priests, Vicars name them, pretending that they are going to heaven praises the Looters for contributing a portion of the loot… Ouuuuch!”


“Point of correction From Monday to Thursday because Friday’s for Muslims Saturday’s for Adventist’s And Sunday for all the religions”


“You forgot to mention adultery, alcoholism & siasa za upuzi The church has the highest number of hypocrites! Even though I’m a Christian.”

“Do you have a problem against Christianity or against those who do what you have said?And who tells you they are Christians? And is Kenya the only society on earth with such ills?”

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