DJ Mo, Size 8 event charging Sh18k per person elicits wild reactions

Singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 and jer husband Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo habe elicited moxed or actions after organising a event set to cost Sh18,800 per person.

The couple are set to host the extravagant festive season event dubbed The Murayas Concert- Xmas at Paradise.

Taking to social media, the two shared posters revealing the amount fans will have to part with to join them in the event that is set for December 25, in Mombasa.

According to the poster, the amount will pay for the hotel room which will be shared by two, breakfast, lunch, dinner plus the main event.

This definitely had Kenyans asking questions regarding the huge amount and what they would learn from them.


Sherrif Henry: Kama show ya willis raburu machakos ilibackfire juu ya 1k pekee . hii yenyu naona mkiwa peke yenyu

Nyagah Njoki: The audacity you two got! So what you will be teaching is how to cheat in marriages and the other how to fast? Si heri ninyonge bas

Omullu Anita: 18800 for spending a night with my own partner ama mtanipea partner uko?

Mary Gathoni: What are we coming to learn… How to fast for our cheating spouses

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