Disbelief as Natembeya openly sides with Turkanas in Kapedo conflict in reckless announcement.

A major announcement is expected from Pokot leaders and elders anytime, and with it, the ongoing security operations which are meant to try and solve the unrest in Kapedo are likely to be thrust in uncertainty. This is after utterances by the Rift Valley regional coordinator that will not only put the fairness of the government in doubt, but also cloud the aim of the security operation with mistrust.
George Natembeya is known to be a no-nonsense security chief that is a stickler for law, and will go to any length to make sure that anybody faces justice without fear or favour. However, yesterday, the security chief issued statements that have cast aspersions not just on his non-partisanship, but also his professionalism.
Without mincing words, Mr. George Natembeya bluntly absolved Turkanas of blame on the ongoing conflict, and instead, squarely heaped the blame on an unnamed community, though it was obvious who he meant. He was speaking on Citizen TV’s The Monday Report, hosted by Trevor Ombija.
“The biggest problem going on in Kapedo is that there is one community which has a sense of entitlement. It has moved into the area and is trying to displace the Turkanas. As we speak right now, they have expanded, and now possess everywhere, from Baringo to Lokori, and it’s all political. Nothing else. They are doing all this to have political expediency. They are being funded by politicians, and we know it. Even as we were conducting peace talks there recently, some of the leaders were heard wondering, why bring peace, just when we are winning?”
Cases of the government siding with one of the warring factions against the other isn’t something new in the areas of Northern Kenya, and instead, bring back painful memories. Back during the Moi regime, former KANU strongman and powerful cabinet minister, Francis Lotodo, was often accused of funding his Pokot tribesmen in combat against neighbouring communities.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

    Disbelief as Natembeya openly sides with Turkanas in Kapedo conflict in reckless announcement.

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