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The last time such a scene like yesterday’s was witnessed, it was back in 2015 when then Devolution CS Anne Waiguru appeared before the National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Finance, Planning and Trade to answer questions on the NYS scandal, but gave condescending answers, perhaps after seeing the disarray which the committee itself was is, with nominated MP Oburu Odinga and Richard Onyonka having engaged in a loud shouting contest moments earlier.

Yesterday, the director of an interior deco company, who is a woman by the names Eunice Cherono, managed to make the Mvita member of parliament, Mr Abdulswamad Nassir, who is usually cool and composed, very angry, after she gave answers that sounded rude and meant to ridicule. 

Eunice Cherono was appearing before the Parliamentary Investments Committee which is led by Abdulswamad to answer questions that arose after she managed to win a multi-million tender with KEMSA following a speedy and questionable tendering process to supply the government health agency with medical equipment, despite the fact that her company deals with Interior Decorations. 

Abdulswamad Nassir asked her how she was in a position to find out beforehand that KEMSA was going to need the medical gear that she was providing, to which she replied that she prayed over it and God opened her eyes. 

This answer appeared to throw the Mvita MP into a rage, as he later on changed from his calm demeanour, to a more combative one, angrily scolding the director of Leone Interior Decorations company to take the proceedings seriously. 

She was also asked by the committee how it was possible that she drafted a letter of intent on May 6th 2020, yet by April 30th, a week earlier, she had already received a commitment letter. This left her tongue tied, as she scrambled to find an answer, even suggesting that there was a problem with the records there.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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