Did Zubeida Koome just wish her mother, and her co-wife a happy Mother’s Day?

KTN’s Zubeida Koome, who is nowadays popularly referred to as VP among her Standard Group colleagues after she recently captured the VP spot in the Kenya Editors’ Guild elections, surprised many yesterday with her unusual belated Mother’s Day wishes.

Zubeida is one of the most jovial and jolly presenters on TV. She has perfected the art of turning the lemons that life has handed her into lemonades. Initially, her uncontrollable laughter made her come across as clumsy and careless. However, she has been able to turn it into her trademark that has gone on to define her as one of the top presenters in the country.

Yesterday, however, a brief exchange between her and KTN’s sports anchor Ahmed Bahajj, might have revealed intimate and previously unknown details about her life.

In the aftermath of Mother’s Day which was on Sunday, Bahajj asked her what she remembered most about her childhood and her mother.

Zubeida said she remembered several things, but the one thing she remembered most is the beating she always received whenever she did something wrong.

Capping this with her characteristic laugh, she said that her children also get the same treatment whenever they get naughty.

She nevertheless made it clear that these were memories which she didn’t hold with resentment, but rather, remembered them fondly since were it not for her mother’s disciplinarian side, she wouldn’t be there where she was.

She then went ahead to wish her mother, whose name she disclosed as Halima, a belated happy Mother’s Day. She, however, then wished a happy Mother’s Day to another woman known as Montune who she said was her other mother.

She then explained to a visibly puzzled Bahajj that she had more than just one mother.

Is Montune the other wife of her father? Is she her father’s co-wife? It is normal for a Muslim man to have multiple wives, and there’s usually no ill-feelings among the children of the different wives.[0]=AT2xAfhv9i2tiLSEQguu-umro2yFHDVNrfrhM-QeP9eMvVGHYgAP9Ged7nkYGhIvRQXBn4C1pVrgNLp1XfpZBxfxGNDQnr1eeji50eqGId06SE5bCJPLOrZFpa1SSw0UfIPh201SVLXZsceHVcrIrDvu_icyb7_v4tNITob-883RXqPbC-2xIUGO19ZslfxjnU-Su68t

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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