Diamond Platnumz’s mother speaks on her pregnancy rumours

Bongo superstar Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Kassim has opened up over rumours that has been going around for a while now that she is pregnant.

The superstar’s mother has dismissed rumours that she is expecting another child after her prolonged silence over the matter.

Speaking to the Global Publishers, Sanura stated that she is not in need of another baby adding that getting pregnant at her age could be fatal.

“Look at me, do you see the pregnancy? What would I be looking for by getting pregnant at my age? It is my time to enjoy life like a youth. Why would I start breastfeeding again? Wouldn’t it be fatal if I got pregnant at my age?” Sanura posed.

The 50 years old Tanzanian Bongo superstar’s mother affirmed that she has no plans of getting pregnant for her husband, Maisara Shamte.

Sanura revealed that she would grow old because of her lifestyle adding that she does not have any problem.

“I do not have any negative thoughts. I eat well and get enough sleep. I honestly do not have any problems, so why would I grow old?” she said.

She also stated that her son Diamond normally consults her before making his decisions.

“Who else shall Diamond listen to if not me? Diamond continually received blessings because he listens to me,” Sanura said.

Sanura further dispelled assumptions that she is full of her son’s success. “Surely, which mother would not be proud to have a son like Diamond? The important thing is I continually pray for God to give him wisdom. That is my daily prayer,” she said.

This comes after the Sanura posted photos on her social media page with a protruding belly.

She had however, revealed previously that she has no plans of getting pregnant.

Sanura confessed while responding to an Instagram follower who questioned why she was not getting pregnant for her hubby.

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