Details of why Former Agricultrure CS Mwangi Kiunjuri Turned Down DP Ruto’s Money & Runningmate Position

Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri has opened up revealing deep details of his strained relationship with Deputy President William Ruto and why he turned down his running mate position.

Speaking yesterday, the Leader of The Service Party (TSP) stated that though inconvenient, his insistence on his own political outfit was strategic to give a voice to the MT Kenya region.

Mwangi continued that there were a lot of Mt Kenya leaders who were following the DP blindly for the handouts and running mate positions plus other perks.

Kiunjuri stated that if he had taken the running-mate slot, he would have dissolved TSP and joined in with the Ruto-affiliated outfit, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

“If I decided to join UDA today, I have a guaranteed number nine jersey for the striker position or the number five as a defender. I would not lack a position in the party.

“In Ruto’s government, the lowest slot I’d get is a ministry position. So, our people in Mt Kenya must ask themselves whether Kiunjuri, who has been in politics for over 25 years, would be foolish enough to turn down a deputy president position and instead toil organizing the region into a political party – spending a lot of his time and money when he can easily get money and even choppers from Ruto?” he pondered.

He further noted that the Mt. Kenya leaders should be suspicious of the DP’s utterances of not keen on forming coalitions but rather on popularizing his UDA outfit.

“A national party needs at least four elections to rise to that level. Look at our history with NARC, PNU, and Jubilee. Anyone who says he does not need to work with regions should be viewed suspiciously because even in churches, the moderator works with church elders,” he remarked.

Mwangi went on to not that despite his firm stand on the political outfit, he had not changed his mind on supporting the DP for the Presidency in 2022.

“I have never changed my position that I support Ruto. My position is that as we give him the cow that produces milk, he must leave alone our heifers. Imagine the DP has almost 70 MPs in Parliament and he is being harassed every day, what will happen when we have a number 2 who lacks a strong team behind him?”

He also shed light on his recent meetings with the Narc Kenya leader Martha Karu and Gatundu South legislator stating that it was all about the interest of the Mt. Kenya region, and geared towards breaking political barriers.

“Whether Kieleweke or Tangatanga, we are holding meetings as leaders of the Mt Kenya region. So, you may find Kieni MP Kanini Kega at our meeting next week or National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi in our meetings as well.

“It’s a forum where we speak on matters regarding the interests of the Mt Kenya region,” he stated.

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