Details of Uhuru’s weekend phone call to Raila that made him cancel his planned Kibra rally

Following an alleged plot by high ranking individuals in the office of the President to scuttle the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga details have emerged of yet another secret call between the two leaders.

Sources privy to the details indicate that President Uhuru Kenyatta made a call to the former premier over the weekend that made him cancel his planned rally of Kibra’s Kamukunji grounds.

Speaking to the standard, one top ODM official said that the President called the ODM leader after damning remarks were made of the plot to sabotage the handshake.

The revelations were made by Raila’s confidants and political strategists James Orengo and Otiende Amollo over the weekend.

 The official however did not reveal the finer details of the call, but it is believed that the two leaders agreed to focus on the bigger picture of the 2020 constitutional amendments bill, with Odinga to calm his supporters.

Reports further claim that the two leaders Otiende and Orengo made the remarks after receiving the former premier’s node of approval.

The call saw Raila cancel his Kamukunji rally with Makadara legislator George Aladwa delivering a speech, and conveying his apologies.

“I have a special message from Raila… because he was supposed to be here today and we were expecting him,” Aladwa said.

 Appearing for an interview with Citizen earlier today, ODM party secretary Edwin Sifuna appeared to refute the claims of President calling Riala to cancel a rally that was meant to support the BBI.

“I don’t think the president would call Raila to put off a rally that is essentially a BBI rally. Of course we would not know the content of the call between the two gentlemen. But I am saying that Raila was at the coast for almost a week, and I don’t understand how the phone call would call off the rally,” Sifuna said. 

Following the new development Soy lawmaker threw a jibe at the Odinga-led party and the allies over the alleged fallout.

“Do not take us back to the battle streets. If you feel that something has not gone right, do not mourn more than the Bereaved,” said Kositany who appeared to mock the ODM brigade.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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