Details of the stunning IEBC appointee; her tribe just recently got recognised by government

On Wednesday Kenyans went to sleep with news that Parliament had cleared the four candidates that Uhuru nominated for IEBC commissioners’ slots. Yesterday they woke up to news that Uhuru had already appointed them during the night as they slept. The supersonic speed with which State House moved to appoint the four left everyone dazed, and heads spinning. However, as this initial shock begins to wear off, special notice has started being accorded one of the appointees. The beautiful Juliana Wihonge Cherera.

Just roughly a year ago, the stunning Juliana Wihonge Cherera was associated with a tribe that wasn’t even recognised as one of Kenya’s tribes by the government, though that changed recently.

She’s reportedly from the Shona tribe that’s originally from Zimbabwe, and found their way to Kenya during the white man’s rule over the continent, after the British colonial government relocated a group of them here. Since then they’ve faced discrimination from the government, and statelessness, with the government refusing to recognise them as Kenyans, until July last year.

Prior to her appointment, Juliana Wihonge worked as an accounting officer in the Mombasa county executive department, where she was actually the County Chief Officer.

She’s an educationist and for her undergraduate, did a Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili and Geography, before later acquiring a Masters in Education.

Afterwards, she did a diploma in Project Management at the Kenya Institute of Management, and is currently pursuing a diploma in Early Childhood Education.

The National Assembly approved Juliana and her three colleagues to be commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The four are, Juliana Wihonge Cherera, Francis Mathenge Wanderi, Irene Cherop Masit, and Justice Abonyo Nyangaya.

National Assembly’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, chaired by Kangema Member of Parliament Muturi Kigano, had interviewed the nominees and presented a report to Parliament for debate after the president forwarded their names for vetting in the August house.
Interviews to fill the four vacant positions of commissioners at the electoral agency kicked off early July with 36 candidates facing the selection panel in the fort-night long exercise.

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