Details of the hotel that tanga tanga MPs were kicked out of, and its owner

On Monday, a cross-section of tanga tanga members of parliament cutting across the zone that was designated by the president as the disease infested area were evicted from a city hotel from which they had hoped they would deliver their message.

They included Kikuyu legislator Kimani Ichungwa, Dagoretti South member of parliament John Kiarie, popularly known as KJ, and Nakuru County senator, Susan Kihika.

Details of what exactly happened, and how they were removed out of the hotel remain scanty, with some saying the hotel management chased them out, while other sources say it was the police who escorted them out because they had flouted Covid regulations.

During the press briefing, Kikuyu legislator Kimani Ichungwa said that they had been chased away by the hotel’s management, but nevertheless went on to defend their actions saying they had probably done so out of coercion, and that, ordinarily, in such difficult times, hotels are desperate for customers, and they wouldn’t chase away clients.

One thing that, however, is certain, is the hotel’s standing.

The hotel, which has since been identified as The Social House, based in Lavington, describes itself on the website as,

“a thoroughly new kind of hotel; so much so that we actually call ourselves a house, as we aim to be a Melting Pot for getting people together and because our way of doing things is perhaps just a little more personable and informal than some. And a touch off-beat: unusual cuisines; unexpected events; untypical meetings; unorthodox interiors; unconventional bedrooms; uncommon people.
We have 83 bedrooms. 7 event and meeting spaces (some indoors and some out). 4 restaurants and bars. An outdoor pool. A back garden. A gym. And lots of surprises to keep things buzzing.”

Although the website doesn’t list its owner, or owners, it is repeatedly associated with renown hotelier Juliet Njogu who sources continuously identify as the founder.

Ms. Njogu has been serving as Managing Director of Alba Hotels.

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