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Details of President Kenyatta’s call that Sealed Sonko’s Fate

Just hours after a renewed bid to oust governor Mike Sonko by the Nairobi County Assembly, details have now emerged of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s phone call that sealed the governor’s fate.

Reports indicate that the head of state triggered the reopening of the county boss’ impeachment after a call to the Jubilee party leadership.

An irritated Uhuru is said to have instructed the party leadership to work in collaboration with the ODM party leader Raila Odinga, to enable the impeachment of Sonko, with Odinga allegedly holding discussions on how to marshal support to oust Sonko.

Sources further revealed that President Kenyatta was angered by governor Sonko’s constant failure to cooperate, disrespect, and attacks on the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) boss General Mohamed Badi.

“The process began on Sunday evening, November 22, following a call from State House on the previous day.

“The reason we were given to initiate the motion was Sonko’s refusal to work with NMS boss Mohammed Badi and his constant abuse of the president,” a Jubilee MCA disclosed while speaking to a local daily.

All began when Sonko refused to sign the County budget amounting to 37 billion shillings, in which he was to handover 27.1 billion shillings to the NMS boss denying him funds.

This comes months after President Kenyatta had in the month of June united the two, urging them to work together, adding that he would only work with leaders who wanted to move forward.

However, Sonko’s constant push and pull amid claims of sabotage has led the military man to work alone in service delivery to the Nairobians.

“I have no interest in politics. In fact, Sonko should take advantage of what I’m doing by taking credit for it. I will go back to the military base after I serve Kenyans. 

“In fact, I have only two years to manage NMS and I will ensure that I achieve my goals. In the military, there is no word such as ‘don’t’,” Badi stated in an interview with Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange on Wednesday, October 28. 

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