Details of Kenyan businessman who sold Bobi Wine the truck, and his troubled past with the police

Fauz Khalid is the man who sold Bobi Wine his car. The way the whole deal went down, and the dramatic exchanges and covert operations which were involved makes the exciting operation read like an exchange of a drugs consignment by a mafia syndicate, and not a simple car deal transaction. 

Ever since Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine acquired a new bulletproof Toyota Land cruiser, all the attention has been fixed on him, and the furore that it has caused him with the Ugandan authorities. Little is known of the man who made it all happen. The names Fauz Khalid don’t ring a bell. 

Fauz Khalid is a Mombasa based businessman who has been friends with Bobi Wine for about twenty years now, when they were both still in college, and Bobi was making his mark as a young dancehall artiste from Kamyokya with his young Fire Base Crew. 

In 2017, Fauz Khalid alongside other activists were arrested by the police after they staged a protest aganist the devastating effects of the Standard Gauge Railway(SGR) on traders in Mombasa.

According to a February 22 internal memo by Abel Kagumire, the commissioner for customs, to URA Commissioner General John Musinguzi.Headlined, Clearance of vehicle UBJ 667F, Mr Kagumire communicated that Kenyan national Fauz Khalid entered the country with the vehicle on November 5, 2020 under licence plate KCY550X.He was issued a C32 for a temporary import. Investigations show that on Friday, January 8, 2021, Mr Khalid engaged Mr Abel Sabiiti, the director of Real-Time Global Cargo Handlers Uganda Limited, as an agent through whom he requested to register the vehicle in Uganda.

The request was granted four days later, on a Tuesday, and a URA inspection confirmed the vehicle details in the accompanying documents. There was also a letter from International Police (INTERPOL), confirming the vehicles was not stolen and was fit for use.

Subsequently, URA took Shs88 million in taxes and registered the vehicle that Mr Kagumire in the Monday memo to CG Musinguzi described as “normal motor vehicle”.“Our officer under customs warehouse, Ms Marion Alukudo, verified the vehicle on January 11, 2021, and also confirmed [it] to be a normal motor vehicle,” Mr Kagumire wrote.

According to the memo, Mr Khalid applied  for change of ownership of the vehicle  into Bobi Wine’s names only last month, and everything was done with the stealth mode of the feared Mossad agency.

It was only after his social media post about the vehicle which caught security officials flat-footed, that anyone knew the mega deal that had just gone down.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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