Details of 27-year old whose company won Ksh 4 Billion in Covid-19 scandal

New details have emerged of the 27-year-old lady whose company is at the heart of the Covid-19 tenders that saw the public lose billions.

This is after 27-year-old Ivy Minyow took to the Centre stage disclosing the transition and ownership of the company.    

 Appearing before the Public Investment Committee (PIC) probing the details behind the Covid-19 tendering corruption, Ivy Minyow claimed that she was the owner of the Kilig limited company.

The company won two tenders in the supply of Covid-19 equipment summing up to Kshs. 4 billion, but Ivy claims that she was not the owner then when the tenders were awarded.

The Company has since changed ownership three times after it started doing business with KEMSA with Ivy being the current owner. She further revealed that she was the company lawyer when the tendering took place.

The company was among the top on the Committee’s radar in the investigations to unravel the shady deals behind the tendering that led to the loss of Billions by the authority.  

Efforts to unearth the original members of the company by the committee members failed to bear fruits after Ivy failed to name names, only insisting that they were foreigners who were seeking anonymity.

“I am not in a position to answer that, not unless the committee on record compels me to do so,” she responded to the committee.

The authority too failed to recognize the owners of the company and the supporting documents despite them warding such huge tenders.

Reports reveal that the committee had to take 10 minutes break after Minyow requested to be allowed some time to consult her lawyer on whether to give names of the company original owners.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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