Deputy President William Ruto shows tactics of becoming president by seizing power

Deputy President William Ruto will not win the 2022 presidential poll; he will seize power.

What gives a clearer picture of why Ruto will not become president by winning the popular vote, but by seizing power, is how he has handled Baringo and Turkana chiefs who gave information that Kenyans are dying of hunger in their areas.

Ruto threatened that chiefs who gave the information would lose their jobs. That was clearly an instance of the deputy president abusing his office and misusing his powers. Making alive his threats, he ensured that some chiefs lost their jobs.

Thereafter, two eye-opening things followed. First, Interior CS, Dr. Fred Matiang’i came out and said that any chief that had been sacked lost their jobs because they had been caught drunk during office hours. Second, the chiefs that had allegedly been sacked came out and denied the allegations.

The two events replicate what happened in 2017, when Jubilee party threatened chiefs in Ukambani and the Judiciary. Jubilee arm-twisted Ukambani chiefs to pledge their allegiance to it. The party also intimidated the Judiciary and then instructed the same to deny any news that they had been intimidated.

Clearly, DP Ruto is intimidating Baringo and Turkana chiefs, and at the same time demanding that they stay mum.

In 2013, UhuRuto was in touch with the all the elements of power even before they got sworn in. Ruto is doing that now; he already has the CS for interior and others, the Judiciary, the legislature and the Council of Governors in his basket.

In 2017, Ruto shamelessly went live on international TV and branded protesting citizens “militia”. Now, he is all over the world saying that no Kenyan has died of hunger even though it is happening.

This is a persistent liar, utterly remorseless politician that does not care about citizens. In 2022, Ruto will ascend to the presidency not by your votes, but by seizing power!

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    Written by Brian

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