Deputy President William Ruto now claims he is being intimidated

Deputy President William Ruto has claimed that he is being intimidated by his political opponents in his bid for 2022 Presidency.

The Deputy President was speaking on Saturday, July 3, 2021 at his home in Karen, Nairobi County where he hosted Ward Representatives from Mount Kenya region.

He accused his political opponents of peddling fear, intimidation and blackmail claiming that they lack agenda for the Kenyans.

“We are being sold fear, ethnicity through threats, blackmail, intimidation, political prosecution and political cases because those on the other side their plans, their ideas and their agenda is inferior,” Ruto stated.

The second in command challenged his opponents to have a clear agenda for Kenyans that will promote healthy competition.

“Give us the alternative program you have so that we can compete. Don’t sell us ethnic alliances, please don’t sell us fear, don’t sell us blackmail. We have no business for it and there’s no market for it,” DP Ruto stated.

He further added that the bottom-up economic approach is his agenda and questioned why the other side isn’t presenting their agenda to the people.

“Kenyans know what is best for them and they will choose from the good ideas better ideas and from the better ideas the best ideas,” Ruto added.

His meeting was attended by over 200 Members of County Assemblies and Members of Parliament from the Mount Kenya region where he continued to campaign for his bottoms up economics arguing that that is the only way to help the country.

“We are keen to combine our ideas and energy as leaders to transform our country. Through the win-win philosophy, we will accommodate everyone and ensure all Kenyans especially those at the bottom of the wealth pyramid are empowered economically,” Ruto stated.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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