Demon finally exorcised? Amina, Daddy Marto come face to face, first time since reconciliation

Ever since the epic Kodak moment on live TV the other week, when the feisty Borana tigress known as Amina Abdi Rabar laboured hard to deliver something that resembled an apology to Daddy Marto, Friday’s The Trend show was waited with baited breath. Wadau wanted to see if the honest attempt at an apology by Amina finally exorcised the demon that has lived between them since last year, or whether, it will be the weird awkward business as usual.


To everybody’s great relief, it now appears that Amina’s quickly cobbled up makeshift-apology managed to pacify the heart of the easy-to-please, and peace-loving Martin Githinji, popularly known as Daddy Marto.


For months now, there has been an unexplainable but palpable tension between Amina and Daddy Marto, ever since the Borana warrior gave Marto a humiliating dressing down in the middle of a live show.


However, on Friday, as the show kicked off, Amina Abdi Rabar Introduced her panelists who included Daddy Marto and Cindy Ogana, then went on to take a shot at Marto, and the reaction was priceless and touching.
Amina said that Daddy Marto appeared to be reliving his marital ceremonies through his fashion choices, and had began by wearing the outfit he wore during his ruracio, followed by his wedding suit, and was now putting on the clothes he had worn during his honeymoon.


The laughter this elicited from the two was not only genuine, but heartfelt too. The two chuckled away as they decided to now focus their scorning on Omosh, making fun of the actor who is battling mental sickness in the form of alcoholism.


All in all, it was therapeutic and relieving to see some real and genuine actions, and reactions, which saved viewers from the contrived bulls@it that they had been subjected to from the two for the last couple of months.


In October last year the two had a dramatic clash that played out right in front of the cameras during a live recording of the show. Daddy Marto read a comment from one of the viewers which mocked Amina.

Although he found it hilarious, Amina thought it wasn’t funny, and felt Marto should have ignored the comment and read other responses.

This resulted in an unbelievable exchange between the two. However, after about eight months of brazenly pushing on with the show and pretending like nothing ever happened, Amina finally revisited the incident the other week, and appeared to express regret.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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