Dejavu; the stranger than fiction coincidences in the life of Purity Mwambia

Freaky and eerie is how to best describe the unexplainable spate of coincidences that have unfolded in Purity Mwambia’s life over the course of the last one week. So strange are the similarities between what is happening to her now, and what happened to her exactly six years ago, that one would think perhaps all this is planned.


We take the events that have taken place in Purity’s life this week, and put them side by side to what happened to her six years ago, just to show how incredible and parallel the two episodes of her life are.


Back in 2015, on a month just like this one, and at a time like this one, Purity Mwambia, working for K24 then, had been stung into action by the laxity within security agencies that had given way to a string of terrorist attacks in the country.


She did a daring feature for a TV segment called “Bweta la Uhalifu” (Signs of Crime). As part of her research, Mwambia said she acquired explosives and transported them from Garissa, in northeast Kenya, to Nairobi (about 228 miles or 336km), passing through more than a dozen police stations and checkpoints without any officer noticing the material, she said.


“My objective was to expose the loopholes in our security system, something that desperately needs attention given all the terrorist attacks Kenya has faced of late,” Mwambia said.


But the day the piece was scheduled to run, April 27, 2015, officials with Kenya’s anti-terror police summoned her to their headquarters.


She was questioned for four hours and threatened with arrest on charges of treason if the piece aired, she said. She noted that she was not charged for smuggling explosives.


Just this week, close to a similar thing happened.
Once again she shot a documentary that exposed the loopholes and complicity that is prevalent within security agencies as far as firearms are concerned, and once again, law enforcement officers have accused her of questionable conduct and insinuated at taking her in for questioning.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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