Deep State Do Not Want Sonko Back at City Hall, Succession Plans Already in Motion

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been released on a Sh15 million cash bail or Sh30 million bond after he was arraigned at Milimani Law Courts over corruption allegations on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

In his ruling, Anti-Corruption Court Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti referenced Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s trial going on to ban the governor from accessing his county offices unless in the company of Investigative Officers.

The embattled governor arrived at the court on an ambulance from Kenyatta National Hospital, where he had been receiving treatment

His lawyers revealed that the governor had been treated for acute hypertension and soft tissue damage, which necessitated treatment via intravenous injection.

With Sonko being beleaguered ,wheels of his succession have already been set in motion. Those privy to the developments say Sonko is expected to name a deputy with a potential candidate’s name having been floated.

Should he ignore the counsel, then the stage is set for a by-election resulting from an impeachment motion or suspension of the county.

“The plan is there although I can’t reveal the name. Judge Mumbi Ngugi’s ruling just said governors not to access their offices but are still in office, with all their powers.

“There’s still no agreement on how to move forward with the issue of the deputy, but what I know is that this is the end for the guy. They don’t want him to come back,” an anonymous source told Nation

The assembly postponing its recess for the second time has lent credence to the idea it could be readying itself to discuss either the nominee for deputy governor or come up with a way forward to steer the county in the rough and uncharted waters.

State House Tuesday refused to comment on whether it was getting involved in the matter even as sources indicated that the proposed deputy has the blessings of the house on the hill.

Contacted, President Kenyatta’s spokesperson Kanze Dena said “no comment”

Jubilee secretary-general Raphael Tuju confirmed that the party is concerned with the events unfolding at City Hall, but insisted it will wait until the court provides its verdict today.

“These issues are of great concern to us as a party. But we are waiting for the court action before we get involved,” he said.

Speaking in parables, Mr Tuju likened the situation to a patient in hospital. “There is no way a family can start preparations for a burial when the patient is still in hospital. We can do nothing now until the court gives a direction. We shall then get involved.”

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