Death of the Handshake? See Murathe’s daring message to ODM

David Murathe

Ís this the beginning of the end of Uhuru-Raila union? Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe, who is a known mouthpiece of President Uhuru Kenyatta has told the ODM Party there will be no negotiations on membership of the committee tasked with implementing the BBI.

ODM has disputed a list by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wing, on the set up of committee. It is this dispute which made Minority Leader in the National Assembly to insist on changes to be made on the Jubilee list of membership.

“I agreed with Kimunya to make changes in the Jubilee list of membership.  We hope next week we’ll have a new membership list to ensure we implement what many Kenyans support,” ODM Chair John Mbadi said on the list.

However, David Murathe, Jubilee Party Vice Chair says the issue has been sorted out, and there will be no negotiations on the list.

Murathe insisted it was a favor being extended to the Raila led party, as such, they should not be making demands.

“There is no room for further consultations…As for the other side (ODM),it is a favor we are extending by accommodating them in committee leadership posts.They cannot now come making demands and telling us who we should include.That’s our business and it is concluded.”

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    Written by Albert




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