Dead Beat episode goes terribly wrong, leaves radio show host embarrassed.

In a nutshell, Deadbeat is a show hosted by Masawe Japani and airs every weekday on Radio Jambo. Basically, it tries to get parents who have been neglecting their parental duties to be more responsible. In the past it has courted controversy, with complaints lodged with the media council that Masawe’s habit of passing herself off as a children’s officer named Maureen amounted to the charge of False Pretenses and being an imposter. However, things went terribly wrong on a recent show, leaving the host of the show confused and embarrassed, and an actual Children’s officer named Ezekiel Malebo warning that if the baby mama who called in to accuse a man of neglect dares to go to their offices, they will charge her.


It all started when a woman called in to explain her predicament to Ali Baba who was sitting in for the show’s usual host Masawe Japani. She narrated how she got pregnant with the man in question, but that the fellow had since absconded on his duties, and had stopped catering for the child’s needs.

Soon afterwards, Ali Baba called the man and passed himself off as an officer with the Children’s department by the name Kilingo. He repeated all that the lady had told him, and asked him why he had neglected his fatherly role. He even threatened to take action on him. However, a rude shock awaited Ali Baba.

As it turned out, although the man had indeed been in a relationship with the woman, the kid wasn’t his but rather, from a previous relationship. It had never been an issue since the man had accepted to take care of the kid out of the kindness of his heart. Nevertheless, he now became charged up on hearing that the woman was claiming he was the biological father. He demanded to know where Kilingo was calling from so that he could avail himself from a DNA test.

One hearing this, the woman hang up and disappeared, leaving Ali Baba in fire. Ali Baba had to stall, using trickery and polite talk to calm the angry man down, and promising that they would send an SMS which would clear everything up.

Ezekiel Malebo, Radio Jambo’s resident Children’s officer spoke on phone and warned the woman that she would be charged if she tried coming to their offices.

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