DCI disclose blow by blow account of how they tracked Hafsa’s kidnap suspects to lodging bed

In a thrilling detailed statement on how they managed to track down the suspected masterminds of Hafsa’s recent traumatising kidnapping, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations even revealed how the two spent the money that they had managed to siphon from Hafsa’s account during the time that they still held her in captivity.

About ten days ago, the country was gripped with the disturbing news of Hafsa’s kidnap and subsequent release of a troubling video on social media which showed her not only injured, but with visible signs of torture. In the short video, her captors could be heard coercing her to talk to her kin.

The DCI statement, released after their arrest of the two suspects, read;

The main suspects behind the kidnapping and torture of Hafsa Mohamed Lukman, the Kamukunji based businesswoman who was kidnapped on June 15, have been arrested by detectives. At the crack of dawn this morning, undercover teams from the revered Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau, backed up by their Special Service Unit counterparts, picked Jackson Njogu, 24 and Hafsa Abdi, 21, as they slept at Crystal view lodge in the chilly Kinangop area.

The two lovers who masterminded the kidnapping of Hafsa from her shop, managed to siphon a total of Sh650,000 from the victim’s bank accounts while she was in captivity. They then escaped to Kinangop and purchased a bar, which they were operating. Hafsa was found by detectives last Sunday, at a dingy room in Matopeni area in Kayole, where she had been forced to stay inside an empty water tank. The two kidnappers had demanded a ransom of Sh5 million in order to set Hafsa free. However, when the ransom wasn’t delivered, they opted to flee from our detectives who were closing in on them.

This morning was not their lucky day though. They were smoked out of room number 8 at Crystal view lodge, where they had imagined that our hawk-eyed detectives would never find them. DCI detectives shall spare no efforts in ensuring that every kidnapper who takes hostage innocent victims leaving their families in anguish, is arrested and made to account for their actions. #FichuakwaDCI 0800722203, USIOGOPE!

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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