David Ndii trains his gun on Edgar Obare.

Economist David Ndii was recently ranked the 22nd most influential economist in the world, and it wasn’t without good reason. He is a heavy hitter who regularly goes after the big boys. Back in the day, he would chew and spit out the DP and president on a daily basis. Since jumping ship, bashing the former Prime Minister together with his handshake partner has become his favourite pastime. However, he has now gone after blogger Edgar Obare who would correctly be considered a lightweight going by Ndii’s standards.

Just a couple of days ago, the blogger released an exposé that disclosed the identity of several prominent personalities who he claimed were involved in a wide range of economic crimes which are spread over an expansive variety to include fake gold scam, money laundering and counterfeit currency, informally referred to as wash wash in general.

However, in a tweet, David Ndii belittled the findings, dismissing them are petty and inconsequential. The said that the little money which is involved in wash wash activities has minimum impact when it comes to the destruction that financial improprieties can cause the country. Ndii said that as a matter of fact, crimes such as bhang trafficking and the bandits involved in cattle rustling in the northern parts of the country move more money and cause more financial impact a hundred fold compared to wash wash fellows who he considered to be small fish.
He was responding to a tweet on the topic which read,

Economics 101,I think @DavidNdii agrees?. @ItsRoseMacharia Your work simplified, no need to do a thread. @JaneIrunguKE, @Grandmaster0045 & @IanNissi you wonder why your real business is not making money, here might be one of the reason.

Dismissing the assertion that wash wash had any real financial impact, he tweeted,

An expose of a small gang of lowlife wash wash thugs in Kilimani has been elevated to a matter of national macroeconomic consequence. Weed smugglers and cattle rustlers move 100X plus more money. The capacity of #UpperDeckPeopleKE to navel gaze never ceases to amaze

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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