David Ndii takes a shot at Laikipia bereaved family in Kikuyu language

Economist David Ndii is known to go hard, and oftenly puts it as it is, without fear that it might rub others the wrong way. However, in an unprecedented move, the controversial economist launched an unexpected attack on a Laikipia County family that lost one of their own a while back.

It all started with a tweet by Ndii, which read, “Land ownership in Laikipia” where he then posted a tabulated list of the biggest ranchers, land owners, land owning Saccos and other parties. In the tweet’s thread, he then wrote in his Kikuyu dialect, “Mbari ya karia nime 44, 000 acres” which translates to; Those who reap where they’ve not sown own 44,000 acres there.

This was an obvious reference to the 44,000 acre Suyian Ranch which is owned by the Powys family who moved from Dorset in the United Kingdom to Kenya, more than a century ago in 1914.

The family a while back lost one of their own, Gilfred Powys, after he was trampled to death by an elephant in news that shocked residents and ranchers in the region. The owner of Suyian ranch in Laikipia North was patrolling the ranch when he was attacked by the animal.

According to workers at the ranch, he was going through normal patrols at around 2pm when the animal attacked him. They said that they heard a commotion in one of the bushes and when they went to check what was happening is when they found the rancher lying dead. A herd of elephants was grazing nearby.

“He was going through his normal patrols and we suspect that was when he was attacked. We heard the elephants charge and that was what prompted us to visit the scene. We were shocked to find that he had already been killed” said Joseph Eleman. He noted that they called other workers and informed the police.

Laikipia west district officer 2 Samuel Kiarie confirmed the incident promising to give more details later. “I am on my way to the scene but it is true he has been killed by an elephant according to reports we have received. We will establish what really transpired,” he said.

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