CS Matiang’I narrates his dramatic encounter with fraudulent middlemen

CS Matiang’I who is known to be a blunt man, and with speeches characterised by their unapologetic and curt tone, on Thursday appeared to be in a rare mood as he veered from his normal script to narrate an incident he had experienced earlier.

He was addressing the president among other guests during the president’s opening of a small arms factory in Ruiru.

The Interior Cabinet Secretary began by congratulating the president for his vision and determination in seeing to it that the country has its own facility as far as the manufacturing of small arms is concerned.

He went on to say that this would go a long way in curing the problem of go-betweens.

Then, using an analogy of Covid, he further said that before the Corona virus kills Kenyans, we are more likely to die from a disease called middlemanism.

Using the term middlemanism which he coined to refer to go-betweens, he lamented about how such characters harass them, pressing them to procure arms from companies which they are affiliated to, after which they agree with the manufacturer to attach his fee on the final price. Because of this, the price finally shoots to even thrice the initial price.

The CS then went on to open up about a recent encounter he had with such characters.

Without mentioning where specifically he was talking about, he spoke in a coded way, about a certain place as he addressed the president.

“Like the place you sent us recently along with the PS, your Excellency…after speaking to the guys, we sat down and started doing our own calculations and quotation. The figure we came up with left us speechless. The amount the fellows had quoted for us earlier was grossly exaggerated.”

When Uhuru spoke later, he said that the factory would aid in national economic and technological advancement.

“Covid-19 has taught us that international supply chains are vulnerable to disruption. We add another arrow to our security quiver. This sets the stage for the progressive domestic manufacture of security equipment used by our nation,” he said.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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