Couple Denies Dead Child, Cites Feud With Hospital

A couple in Nyamira County has refused to take their dead child home following a standoff between them and Nyamira Maternity Ward.

The couple refused to take the infant home for burial claiming that the hospital had switched their alive child with the dead one.

The couple claimed that they believe their child was switched with the dead one after noticing that the label on the dead child was wrong.

“We accepted and even proceeded to mortuary, but on the way, we discovered the baby had a wrong label on her,” Vincent Bikundo, the father of the alleged infant said as reported by The Standard.

The body of the infant was reportedly labeled with the names of another woman who had also given birth at the hospital but her baby was alive.

County Director of Health Services Syrus Ayungo has, however maintained that the labelling on the baby that does was an error.

Bikundo is now demanding a paternity test to ascertain if his wife had a stillbirth which Ayungo has noted that the will conduct just to clear the doubts of the parents.

“The child who died was born prematurely because of so many underlying conditions from both the parents, and which cannot be discussed on media because of medical ethics. But because we want to clear any doubt, we shall do a scientific proof on them to be sure,” Dr Ayunga said as reported by The Standard.

The remains of the infant who paternity is in question is currently at the hospital’s mortuary await the DNA sampling.

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    Written by George Okello

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