Country sent into sensational tailspin as Governor Barchok finds his way to Dead Beat

Listeners were in a state of shock and disbelief following an episode that sent them to dizzying heights of excitement in a historical episode of Radio Jambo’s popular show, Dead Beat.

It was an incredible episode that involved a former student of the Bomet governor Hillary Barchok, who was apparently her student when Barchok was still a teacher. She went by the name Winnie Chebet ( not to be confused with the current 1500m African Champion). A gentleman simply going by the name Richard was also in the mix, and a mysterious fellow said to be working in Kabul, Afghanistan.

In a nutshell, Deadbeat is a show hosted by Masawe Japani and airs every weekday on Radio Jambo. Basically, it tries to get parents who have been neglecting their parental duties to be more responsible.


Yesterday’s drama started when a woman by the names Winnie Chebet called in to explain her predicament to Ali Baba who was sitting in for the show’s usual host Masawe Japani. She narrated how she got pregnant by a man named Richard, but that the fellow had since absconded on his duties, and had stopped catering for the child’s needs.

Soon afterwards, Ali Baba called Richard and passed himself on as an officer with the Children’s department by the name Kilingo. He repeated all that the lady had told him, and asked him why he had neglected his fatherly role. However, a rude shock awaited Ali Baba.
Richard said he was ready to go for a DNA test to prove that the child was not his. He then started making revelations how Winnie had been walking all over the village boasting that she was pregnant for a governor.


At this point, no one thought that it was an actual governor being spoken of. Dead Beat is popular with low-earning blue-collar workers, and so the assumption was that it was probably a boda boda fellow going by the nickname “governor”.


However, it became apparent when Winnie began talking and said she had never had a sexual relationship with governor Barchok, and he was just a former teacher who she helped campaign for with the promise that if he, alongside then gubernatorial candidate Laboso, got into office, he would get her a job.


A stunned Ali Baba was short of words as Richard pursued even further. He claimed that she was a loose woman who had multiple lovers and asked her about another man working in Kabul. Winnie claimed he was just a neighbour.

A tongue-tied Ali Baba advised them to go for a DNA test, after which he concluded the show with a disclaimer that the views expressed didn’t reflect those of Radio Africa in any way.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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