Council of Governors gives ultimatum in fresh war on Obado arrest

Council of Governors has today Friday, August 28 shown solidarity with their colleague by issuing ultimatums on the arrest and trial of Migori Governor Okoth Obado after he was accused of corruption alongside his four Children.

CoG, through a statement issued three demands on Obado’s arrest and trial stating that they will only fight corruption on the condition that their demands are met.

They first demanded that the investigation on his case should be done in a just and fair manner and that it should not be politicized.

Secondly, they demanded that Obado’s case should be dealt with expeditiously so as to ensure that the residents of Migori County continue receiving services uninterrupted.

Finally, the CoG demanded that Governor Obado be allowed to continue providing services to the people in his county even as he faces his trials as opposed to the recent cases where the governors accused of corruption were barred from accessing their offices.

They cautioned the County Officials from going against the principles of public finance as they perform their duties.

“On the other hand, we continue to urge the County Officials to adhere to the principles of public finance as they exercise their respective duties,” the Governors warned.

The High Court recently ruled that county bosses facing corruption cases should be stopped from accessing their offices to prevent them from interfering with evidence or intimidating witnesses.

 However, a proposed amendment to the law seeks to limit it to 90days, the period within which a Court order directing a public or State officer to stay away from his or her office can be in force.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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