Cornered DP Ruto launches scathing attacks on BBI Report in a late-night tweet

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday night launched fresh attacks on the BBI terming President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga’s move to have the report passed the way it is without any amendments.

” Pastoralist(PPG),the church(NCCK),women, Senate and other stakeholders want consensus on the Bbi. Its a contradiction to want to amend the Constitution while refusing to amend a mere report (bbi). Its defeatist to build walls to shut others out while purporting to build bridges,” Ruto wrote in his tweet.

William Ruto’s attempt to attend the Naivasha BBI retreat the other weekend was thwarted by the state in an elaborate scheme which was crafted by President Uhuru and Raila Odinga. At the center of this plot was the country’s security forces.

According to sources, the intelligence community got wind of plans by the DP and a team of his most vocal MPs to gatecrash the retreat in the full glare of the cameras and on live TV. If executed, this was supposed to paint a picture of the process being exclusively a Uhuru-Raila affair.

The venue of the meeting was also cordoned off by the GSU with firm instructions not to allow anyone not invited into the retreat, especially DP Ruto. Back in Nairobi, Ruto was not cleared by the government to fly to Naivasha on that day, so he was effectively immobilized in the air.

During the meeting it was agreed there will be no debate over BBI with Ruto. The pro-BBI team has welcomed his prospect of opposing the report and lead a NO campaign. Leaders attending the retreat were personally assured by the president to do their part by selling the report and he himself will ensure it passes by all means and the infrastructure is ready.

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    Written by Albert

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