Comedienne Jemutai Shares how she named her Son after baby daddy Hamo refused to accept pregnancy

Award-winning comedienne Stella Bunei Koitie alias Jemutai is once again at it lifting the lid revealing that her relationship with baby daddy Professor Hamo has never been a walk in the park.

The two lovebirds met nearly six years ago in 2015, and began dating in an on and off relationship that has now graduated them to being parents of their two children.

Speaking during their one on one show dubbed Raw & Candid show, Stella revealed that Hamo had refused taking up responsibilities as a father after becoming pregnant with their first child.

This led Jemutai to naming her first born son differently contrary to his father’s Kikuyu background where the name ought to have originated from.

According to Kikuyu culture where professor Hamo hails from, the first born child is given a name from their father’s side but for the comedienne this was contrary.

“My son’s name is Jeremy Kantai Mosi. Kantai means musical and I was ready to tell him that his father liked music that’s why I gave him the name,” Jemutai explained.

“Mosi means one and I did so because I didn’t want to have another child. It was me and Jeremy against the world.” Jemutai Continued.

She continued that Hamo only saw their child 8 months after he had been born, and it is from this point that the prof began being closer to her again.

Hamo would call her for several hours, and continuously, and before she knew it they were back together, later moving in with him in 2018, but the relationship was very turbulent.

“Sikumaliza mwezi kama sijarudi kwetu (I moved back home after a month). I texted him and told him bye,” the mother of two said.

The duo revealed that they were still struggling and never had even the basics of the house with the younger family sleeping without a bed, until Hamo later landed a job at Hot 96.

“I was still struggling. Ile pesa kidogo inacome kuna loans nalipa, bills (The little money I used to get would repay loans and take care of bills).

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    Written by Fred Orido

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