Co-host threatens to expose ghost’s stashed millions, warns him against pretending to be poor

For any ardent soccer fan in Kenya, it’s no secret that save for our long-distance athletes, Jacob Ghost Mulee is probably one of the richest sports personalities in the country. Already back in 2005, when he was the National team’s coach, the monthly salary he was earning then was higher than that of a member of parliament at the time. Then there’s the 40 million he’s rumoured to have pocketed from Olunga’s move to China a while back. He is also reported to have raked in a good sum following Olunga’s move to Qatar.


Nevertheless, despite all this, the current Harambee Stars coach loves to play humble, and his humility act seems to have rubbed his co-host and former rapper, Gidi, the wrong way. Gidi who perhaps felt that Ghost was overdoing his modesty performance dared Ghost Mulee live on air to continue playing poor, and see whether he wouldn’t expose his huge fortune that is kept under wraps.

It all began with an apology that Gidi offered to his fans during the duo’s morning show, Gidi na Ghost asubuhi. He said he was sorry that he hadn’t hosted the previous day’s Gidi live unganisho show because there had been no electricity.

At this point, Ghost wondered why someone would miss a show simply because of a blackout, and asked why Gidi couldn’t have turned on his generator.

This was when all hell broke loose, albeit in a friendly tone. Gidi asked Ghost why he always thought everyone was as rich as he was, and wondered how he believed that everyone else has a generator at home. When Ghost tried a comeback, Gidi made it clear that he was getting dangerously close to disclosing the massive unknown assets of Ghost. As if taking the cue, Ghost kept off the debate completely.


Apart from his famous soccer academy, and the huge well known family house that he put up a couple of years ago, Ghost is known to earn two impressive salaries from Radio Africa, and the ministry of sports.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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