City Lawyer Reveals Why Wamuchomba Defecting to DP Ruto’s UDA Party, Alleges She Stole Ksh. 65 Million Taxpayers Money

City Lawyer David Matsanga has alleged that the Kiambu women representative Gathoni Wamuchomba stole the Kiambu taxpayers’ money before defecting to Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA camp.

The City lawyer further alleged that Wamuchomba knew she was not safe where she is forcing her to seek refuge at DP Ruto’s led UDA party, adding that those joining the DP in his newly found UDA party are leaders with corruption cases.

Taking to his Facebook official page, the city lawyer alleged that the lawmaker decided to join the UDA party because the party has corruption scandals.

“I have stated here that most of those fleeing to Dr.William Ruto’s camp have corruption allegation scandals chasing them. Those fleeing are just like the boss himself whose heap of corruption allegations have been kept secret by a civilized President Uhuru Kenyatta,” The lawyer posed.

“These guys eat the CDF or eat Government funds and then flee to a DEN of thieves created by Robin Hood of Nottinghamshire. It is not a surprise at all. Some of us will support Uhuru Kenyatta even when remain few or even when I remain alone. I am a soldier I don’t defect easily and will not. I will go home but not surrender to THIEVES,” he continued.

“Yesterday Kiambu Women MP Gathoni Wamuchomba defected to Ruto camp. She is alleged to have stolen more than 65 Million shillings from the Affirmative fund and was under the radar of the EACC, DCI, and the DPP before she crossed to join her corrupt colleagues in UDA to play the ” I am being persecuted for joining UDA,” he posted.

“Birds of same feathers flock together indeed. She has carted millions of shillings and deposited them in her accounts and very soon, just soon, she will be in handcuffs not because of joining a shell party bringing together the corruption magnates but her misappropriation of the affirmative funds,” he asserted.

The City Lawyer also claimed that Wamuchomba will seek sympathy from the Kiambu people by stating that she is being fought because she defected to UDA Party.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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