City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Reveals Why DP Ruto Will Never Resign Despite Increasing Pressure

Deputy President William Ruto should not be expected to resign from government since there is nothing that can push him to do that, city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has said.

Ruto is currently under pressure to leave the government after President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday questioned his decision to criticize it and still remain in it.

Uhuru accused the DP of turning to propaganda to make him and his government look bad, all in the name of trying to secure his short term interests; the 2022 presidency.

But Kipkorir, a critic of the DP has said that it will be hard for the DP to resign, as only people with integrity can do that, something that to him, Ruto and all his allies lack.

For this reason, he says, Ruto and his UDA brigade should be expected to continue holding onto the government and taking credit for its achievements and still fighting it.

“UDA remaining in Gov’t where they blame it for perceived failures but take credit for the massive ongoing projects is conmanship of the highest order. Integrity demands that one resigns from an institution he doesn’t support anymore. But no one leader in uda is known to have any,” he says in a tweet.

The DP is not new to being pressured to resign, and has repeatedly been asked to do that since he began drifting away from the president and bashing his initiatives.

Allies of Uhuru, in collaboration with those of ODM boss Raila Odinga, have also threatened to impeach him, with the DP’s troops daring them to go ahead and bring it on.

Kipkorir is among the most vocal critics of the DP, and has also predicted doom for his 2022 Presidential bid, saying that he can only get a chance in 2032, when Raila is done.

He is an ally of Uhuru and Raila and a believer in their 2018 handshake, the unity that has followed and their reported plans to make Raila the next president.

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