City Lawyer Ahmednassir Claims DP Ruto Will Be Unable To Net Significant Number Of Votes In Mt Kenya

City lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has now suggested that Deputy President William Ruto might indeed be unable get the entire Mt Kenya vote in 2022 even after his win in the Kiambaa mini poll last week.

He is among prominent persons who have been drumming up support for the DP on Twitter, despite earlier being in the camp of President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has parted ways with Ruto after a bitter fallout.

But he has now denied ever saying that UDA’s win will translate to a clean sweep of Mt Kenya in 2022, daring those claiming that he did to provide evidence.

“Prof just post the tweet I prophesied that a win for UDA in Kiambàa will translate to 100% Central Kenya votes to DP RUTO in 2022…just post it! Simple!” the Senior Counsel said in a tweet on Sunday.

This was in response to an article by Kenyan/American law professor Makau Mutua, who says that even though Ahmednasir believes so; that Ruto has the entire Mt Kenya vote, this is not the case.

In the article, he adds that judging by the thin margin with which UDA’s John Wanjiku defeated Uhuru’s Jubilee Party candidate Kariri Njama, it is clear that Ruto only scored a silver and not the gold medal.

Ahmednasir, however, says that he never made any such prediction, accusing Mutua of making remarks and writing articles based on what his masters tell him and and does not have a brain of his own.

But in a separate tweet, he suggests that Ruto will still win the presidency in the much awaited contest, adding that ODM leader Raila Odinga will finish third after Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

This, he opines, is because the likes of Mutua will end up trooping back to their tribal cocoons to vote for their fellow Kamba, should the three face off in 2022.

“In a three horse race btw DP Ruto, Hon Raila and Hon Musyoka, Musyoka will finish way ahead of Raila if Kamba intelligentsia like Prof Makau Mutua support their son “kwa hali na mali” he adds.

All the three leaders have declared their interest in succeeding Uhuru, with Raila and Ruto currently being seen as the leading figures in the race for State House.

Kalonzo is seen as likely to reunite with Raila, thanks to reported efforts by Uhuru to reunite the opposition’s NASA coalition and help it battle the DP.

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