City businessman Alinur Mohamed offers help to gospel artist Embarambamba (Video)

Philanthropist and City base businessman cum politician Alinur Mohammed has finally broken his silence pledging his help for the Gusii gospel artist Christopher Mosioma alias Embarambamba.

This is after the “bend this way” hitmaker was trolled by the netizens of his dirty content, following the virality of his dirty-dancing video at a night club gyrating on top of a woman.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Alinur noted that it was evident that Embarambamba had a problem, and had finally promised to help him.

He added that he will not joing the bandwagon of netizens and followers in condemning Christopher, but instead will help him, and keep alive his rare talent: “It’s evident he has a problem”.

“Unlike most people I am not going to take a back seat and just condemn Embarambamba without offering him any help. It’s evident he has a problem.

Now his career is half dead. He urgently needs help or we’ll lose this rare talent. I am going to find him and help him immediately” shared Alinur Mohamed.

The gospel artiste had defended himself that his videos had been taken out of contest by a group of people posting them for quick views.

“Kuna video mbili zinazunguka kwenye mtandao. Moja ni ile mnasema nimepata chali, mmefanya familia yangu inalia. Lakini naomba pole kwa yule anaposti kitu ambayo hajui akitafuta views.”

“(There are two videos of me that have gone viral, one of which now paints the picture that I may have found a male suitor. I’d like to apologize because those posting these videos are just looking for views),” the Kisii musician told his fans.

He further added that people should be dwelling on the message in the son rather than the dance moves, adding that the videos were a clear picture of the song he sang that first shot him to fame.

“Kenyans have judged and insulted me. My fans are angry and some have even questioned my faith and called me a devil. But before you comment on the videos, fellow Kenyans, I urge you to consider the message in the song,” the popular musician stated.

The artiste recently fell out with KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua over his viral video that he found explicit and out of context.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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