Citizen TV pulled in Havi, Wambua LSK wars, and forced to apologise for taking Havi’s side

As the vicious supremacy battle between the Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi and the CEO Mercy Wambua rages on, Citizen TV got caught up in the melee and had to issue an apology, something that left them with egg on their face.

After Citizen TV put up a shocking headline which was wrong, and portrayed the LSK CEO Mercy Wambua in bad light, rumours began circulating that Nelson Havi and his operatives had managed to infiltrate the Royal Media Services systems, and were using them to fight their rivals. This reportedly forced action from Mercy Wambua’s team, which coerced the channel into apologising.

Following this week’s court ruling, it was ruled that police had been blocked from accessing the Law Society of Kenya premises. However, on their Twitter handle, Citizen TV posted that it was Mercy Wambua who had been blocked from accessing the society’s offices.

Following what is reported to have been sustained efforts from Mercy’s team for the channel to retract and apologise, the channel later on did so with a tweet that read,

Citizen TV Kenya
We apologise for an alert stating that LSK CEO Mercy Wambua has been barred from accessing the organisation’s offices. We have since established it’s the police who have been blocked from the LSK premises The error is highly regretted.

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been endless drama and chaos at the offices of the Law Society. It started with assailants, who Nelson Havi claimed were hooligans hired by the society’s Chief Executive Officer Mercy Wambua, that invaded the offices, threw out personnel, and vandalised items.

Soon after, men who Nelson Havi claimed to be private security guards caused a stir at the society’s premises. Havi’s rivals claimed that the men were hired goons working at the beck and call of Nelson Havi.
Following the latest court decision, the police, who were deemed to be on the side of CEO Mercy Wambua, have now been blocked from accessing the society’s premises.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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