Citizen TV comes clean on explosive email detailing the alleged rot at Royal Media Services

Days after an anonymous email did rounds on social media detailing remuneration disparity in the media house, Kenyan top media house Citizen responds.

This is after the viral mail segmented their employees with a section of them categorized as a lower team of employees and others in the higher echelons.

The leaked information detailed the gap in pay with, some of the station’s anchors taking home as much as 800,000 a month while the other hardworking staff like the technical staff and the news producers earning as low as 40,000 and 80,000 per month.

Speaking to a local media house, an insider of the media house said they dismissed the anonymously authored letter terming it malicious and could be done to any company.

“We can’t respond to an anonymous letter. That can happen in any company in the world. The letter was copied to everyone. Anyone can write that about any company,” stated the reliable source.

The was copied to every senior person in the management, including the Royal Media Services owner SK Macharia by the aggrieved employee through a pseudo account.

The letter also captured the pay cut introduced during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, which has never been re-looked amid increased government taxation.

“How can a transmission technician handling 3-4 sites and working 24 hours 365 days without breaks earn Ksh50,000 while a news anchor or radio presenter is earning six figures in salary?

“How can a producer for both radio and TV be taking home Ksh40,000 while the people that work so hard to ensure their content is professional earn three times their salaries?” questioned the complainant.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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