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Citizen TV apologizes to City DJ after an embarrassing mistake during news bulletin

Citizen Television was yesterday evening forced to tender their apologies to popular entertainer VDJ Jones over wrongful use of his photograph during a 7 PM news bulletin.

Citizen TV news anchor Trevor Ombija went on-air beginning the news with a personal apology to VDJ Jones over the use of his photo while referring to the murder of his close friend DJ Mike Kay.

“This is why we’re starting this story with an apology because during our earlier broadcast at 7 pm we inadvertently used the wrong pictures of VDJ Jones while making reference to DJ Mike Kay,” Trevor Ombija stated. 

This is after the body of DJ Mike Kay was found in River Mathioya in Murang’a County over the weekend, with the two reportedly being very close friends.

This prompted Jones to threaten to seek legal address against the station and the composer of the story.

The late DJ Mike Kay on the Left posing for a photo with his close friend VDJ Jones

“I wish to disassociate myself from this report by Citizen TV Nipashe News. I am alive and kicking. I will press charges against Citizen TV and the reporter Gatete Njoroge,” Jones stated.

This comes after a recent apology by KTN television for the wrongful usage of Mr. Kulei’s photo in breaking the news of the sudden death of a former state house controller Abraham Kiptanui.

In their apology, the media house stated that they erroneously and mistakenly used the photo since the two were working for the late President Daniel Torotich Arap Moi.

Mr. Joshua Kulei was former President Moi’s personal aid, while Mr. Abraham Kiptanui was the state House controller during Moi’s leadership.

On the other hand, People from Murang’a are worried about the number of dead bodies being dumped in the area.

The stretch has in the past six months witnessed 10 bodies dumped in the area, with five found within the past two weeks, and three out of the five not yet identified.

“We have not identified three of the bodies or where they came from but the others were identified because they lived in this village. We are very worried about our security,” one of the residents stated.

They blame it on the poor lighting, the narrow paths, and the thickets around making it a perfect site for dumping the bodies.

“This place is not safe to pass past 11 pm. Even if your car broke down you’re better off leaving it here,” the villager added. 

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    Written by Fred Orido




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