Citizen TV Anchors Victoria Rubadiri and Yvonne Okwara’s confrontation with Kenyans Online over recent murders

Citizen Television news anchors Victoria Rubadiri and Yvonne Okwara were caught up in an argument with a section of Kenyans on Twitter earlier today.

This is after a number of tweeps who falsely accused Kenyan media of not highlighting the plight of the Kianjokoma brothers and the 4 young men who were murdered in Kitengela for mistaken identity.

Not withstanding their daily up to date coverage of developments on the quest for justice following the extrajudicial murders, Kenyans on Twitter demanded more from media houses and media personalities concerning the Kianjokoma brothers.

One of the Tweeps Mwabili Mwagodi challenged the duo about justice for the Embu brothers after, sharing information about the Afghanistan crisis and other global disasters that had hit the headlines this year, deviating from home.

“Ladies, Vicky Rubadiri and Yvonne Okwara don’t you think you forgot about #JusticeForKianjokomaBrothers closer to home? Wildfires, earthquakes, delta variant, Taliban take over, Nyarigongo etc are not anywhere near Kenya’s problems,” he said.

In a rejoinder Rubadiri shared a featured story that she had done about murders that had gone unsolved but the Tweep was not still convinced.

“I hear you, but I have an interest in local matters as much as I do international, as any journalist should. Highlighting one matter doesn’t deny the existence of another,” the Sunday Live anchor explained.

Her counterpart Yvonne Okwara was not left out as she also shared a piece she had done about police brutality, adding “I’ve been talking about this since last year. But anyway”.

Sensing that the argument would slowly degenerate into an online shouting match, she concluded by posting “My timeline, my thoughts”.

DPP Noordin Haji directed Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai to arrest the six police officers in the Kianjokoma brothers murder and produce them to court.

“I am shortly directing the IG to immediately arrest and arraign in court, in Nairobi, all officers involved pending investigations by the IPOA to avoid any interference with evidence and or intimidation of witnesses,” Haji said in a statement.

For the recent Kitengela 4, detectives from the Directorate of criminal investigations have since arrested the chief suspect in connection to the four murders.

Taking online in a Twitter Thread, DCI said that Benson Melonyie ole Mungai, was arrested from his hideout in Kitengela town last evening. The victim was positively linked to the brutal killings after forensic investigations placed him at the scene of the Sunday crime.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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