Chief Will Be Reponsible For Teen Pregnancies, Uhuru.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

In between January and May this year cases of adolescent pregnancies have gone up and in Kakamega county alone, well over 6,686 adolescent pregnancies have been reported. something that has irked the president and he points fingers to the chief.

More often than not, according to police records, the perpetrators are usually people well known to the victim like an uncle, a brother or a stepbrother and sometimes even grandparents, boda boda operators and religious leaders to some extent.  

While speaking during the during the roll out of the Kazi Mtaani youth employment programme. President could just not wrap it around his thoughts how government reps-chief- would fail to take action against people who are responsive for impregnating young girls. The presidents asked the chief to be vigilant enough and take action. He also told the chief that they will also have to explain what they were doing when children were being abused and impregnated

“How do we allow people to go around impregnating small girls and we don’t speak about it? tutagonjea DNA halafu wewe ndio utachukua huo mzigo na utalipa……….,” President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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    Written by Albert




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