Celebs Who Took Back Cheaters

There is no doubt that every time you come across a celebrity scandal, chances are, you are always wondering whether they will get back together. Some celebrities decide to call it quits after their partners have been caught cheating. Thanks to the tea master, blogger Edgar Obare, so many cheating partners have been brought to light. While some of the female celebrities decided to walk away, a number of them decided to stick by their cheating partners as they tried to make it work.

Below are a few female celebrities who believe that cheating is no big deal.

Size 8

Blogger Edgar Obare exposed Dj MO for cheating on gospel artist Size 8. Dj Mo was having an affair with a lady with whom they used to go out with. According to the side chick they used to meet with Dj Mo while he was on vacation with his family. Despite all that, Size 8 took back his cheating partner. According to the singer, all Dj Mo ever needed was a prayer to which, she prayed for him. At first, netizens thought that it was a publicity stunt but apparently, it was no game. The Gospel Dj actually cheated. Today, the two try to maintain a low profile. Since then, they have not been involved in any scandal. However, Dj Mo lost his lost job at NTV where he used to be a Dj for the Crossover 101 show.


Milly Chebby

Milly Chebby is married to comedian Terence Creative. Terrence was caught pants down after there was evidence that he was having an affair with Anita Sonia. Milly’s image was put on the spot after Anita claimed that Milly Chebby has been sending her numerous texts urging her to leave Terrence alone. At this point fans were sure that would be the end of Terrence and Milly however, the two still hold on to each other. They are stronger than ever. The two post each other on social media once in a while declaring their love for each other like never before.


Milly Wa Jesus

To Milly, cheating is no big deal. Milly’s hubby Kabi wa Jesus sired a child with one of his cousins. Many urged Milly to leave Kabi since they felt like he didn’t deserve her. However, Milly turned a deaf ear to everything that fans were telling her. She stood by her husband and maintained that he will always support him no matter what. Milly and Kabi have a son, Taji, and they are strong as ever!




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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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