Caroline Kangogo the serial Killer policewoman on the run sends chilling message to her estranged husband

Wanted killer cop, Caroline Kangogo, the prime suspect in the murder of two men believed to be her lovers has sent a chilling message to her estranged husband who is based in Mombasa.

Reports indicate that Kangogo in the chilling message stated that her husband would suffer the same fate as her victims, so far totaling two in number who have been murdered in cold blood.

Caroline was at one point married to her estranged husband who is a senior police officer attached to the Maritime police unit in Mombasa.

The couple was blessed with two children together, aged 8 and 11 before things went South.

Detectives well-versed with the matter revealed that the killer cop who is on the run is on a killing spree, hunting her lovers and leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

Kangogo is reported to have loved the finest things in life and would always host male visitors at her house for some nice time.

According to some of her colleagues, she loved partying and would occasionally be found in most social joints within Nakuru county.

“I think anyone who has gone to popular joints within Nakuru CBD has come across her. She is social though quick to anger,” a colleague who sought anonymity stated.

“A majority of her acquaintances are not aware that she has a family. I once arrested a man who was shocked to see her in full police uniform at the station,” another colleague affirmed.

Kangogo is wanted for the murder of police officer John Ogweno and Peter Ndwiga Njiru.

Her recent actions have shocked her family, with her parents apologizing to the families of her victims and urging her to surrender to the police.

“Tunaambia familia mbili enye walipoteza watoto yao pole (We are apologizing to the two families that lost their loved ones),” her father Barnaba Kipkoech Korir said.

“Alifanya mbaya kuua watu ata. Angewacha watu alafu akuje kusema kama kuna shida ilikua inamsumbua. Alikua mtoto yangu ya kwanza lakini sijui shida ilikua ni nini akafanya maneno kama hayo. Nimeshtula sana vile ameua watu (She should not have killed the two people however much she was harangued. She should have consulted us on any issue that is disturbing her. She is our firstborn child and I don’t know what the problem was that she had to kill the two. I have been shocked that she is a murderer),” added her mother, Leah Jepkosgei Kangogo. 

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    Written by Fred Orido

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