Caleb Kositany discloses when DP Ruto admitted that Uhuru indeed appointed him

Ever since the spectacular fallout between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Dr. William Ruto, one contentious issue between the two which both have failed to come to an agreement on, is that of who owes who what. The DP has always maintained that he’s the DP because of Kenyans’ votes and not any appointment. In fact, he has publicly stated that he made Uhuru president. The president, on the other hand, has claimed that those who are criticising him are holding their posts because of him. Caleb Kositany, who has been silent lately after having acted like the DP’s unofficial spokesperson for long broke his lengthy silence with an interesting statement that might just annoy his boss.

The Soi member of parliament this week reflected on an incident that happened back in 2014 between the president and his deputy.

At the time, the president was facing criminal charges at the International Criminal Court at the Hague. He then appointed his Deputy William Ruto as acting president before leaving to attend to his case in Europe. However, legally, his appointment of Ruto as acting president, or his purported appointment as some of his critics have termed it, has also courted controversy. Some maintained that his so called appointment was not only unnecessary but irrelevant as well. This is because the DP is the president’s principal assistant and so automatically, he assumes power in the absence of the president without any appointment required.

Kositany, however, shared a post on his Twitter handle by the deputy president in which he, at the time, appeared to agree that indeed, he is an appointee of the president.
The post read;

William Samoei Ruto
I stand with you as my brother, my leader, my boss and my President. As we navigate strange and unprecedented paths, I reiterate our conviction that in time, all will be well and we will be vindicated.
I also share with you the ideal of putting Kenya and its people first. I am humbled by the honour and confidence that this appointment does me. I will strive to match your excellent standard in serving the people of Kenya. As always, I will remain your steadfast and loyal deputy, and will do all I can to honour your faith in me. I wait eagerly for your return from this little disruption so that you can once again focus on leading us in transforming Kenya.

This attracted some ire from his followers, with a user known as Dennis Tosh dismissing him that he doesn’t know politics. Another one hit out on his alleged bachelorhood. He wrote,

General Ali
Replying to
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