Brian Weke boasts of receiving Covid vaccine despite not being among vulnerable groups

Lawyer, activist, politician and self-proclaimed defender of the down-trodden, Brian Weke, sent eyebrows raised over the weekend after boasting about how he is as white as cotton after having received both the first and the second doses of the Covid vaccine donated to the country under the Covax program.


This was particularly unsettling because the first batch of the vaccine was set to be given only to specific vulnerable groups such as the frontline workers like healthcare workers and security personnel, teachers, and older people who were also included later on.

While Weke would have qualified for an exemption from some of the earlier set Covid-19 regulations such as restriction of movement, and curfew hours, by virtue of being an essential service provider, this doesn’t apply in the provision of vaccines.

Brian disclosed this while on Radio Jambo’s weekly political show, Mazungumzo wazi wazi, hosted by veteran radio personality, Bramwell Mwololo. Alongside him in the studio was political analyst Gerald Bitok, and Constitutional Lawyer and former chief of the Thirdway Alliance Party, Ekuru Aukot.

Weke was the last one to enter the studio and join the conversation. As he joined in, Bramwell Mwololo expressed concern, asking how safe they were, considering that Weke had just arrived from Kisumu which has seen a spike in the number of infections, and also an eruption of the Indian variant of the disease. Weke then announced that he had not only gotten the initial dose of the disease’s Vaccine, but had also gotten the second dose, and so he was as safe as could possibly be.
The Kenya Ministry of Health has set up the vaccination roll out over 3 Phases; to prioritize those in greatest need.


Those eligible for the vaccine in Phase 1 include :front line healthcare workers, teachers, police and the army (and now anyone over the age of 58 yrs).
Phase 2 will be the over 50s and those with underlying serious illness, and tourism workers.
Phase 3 will be for everyone else.

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