BREAKING! Shock and dismay as government admits daily Covid-19 updates are likely fake

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country last year, and the subsequent daily government briefings on the same, some people had begun questioning the accuracy of the figures that the government was providing. However, anyone who has tried to cast doubt on the daily Covid-19 updates has been labelled as a Corona sceptic, and dismissed as a Covid denier. But in a shocking and disturbing admission, the government has finally come out and confessed that indeed, its daily updates can’t be fully defended as 100 percent accurate.

Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache told a parliamentary committee that the ministry can only confirm deaths that occur within hospitals and post-mortem exams of a few that happen within the community.

“People are dying in numbers but we cannot give evidence that the community death occurs as a result of Covid-19 complications when issues of pathology are absent at counties,” she said.

Ms Mochache said only four officers who conduct such examinations on Covid-19 deaths are in the Ministry of Health headquarters.
“I agree with your observations on the recording of deaths since we are not able to capture all community deaths,” she told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chaired by Opiyo Wandayi.

Ms Mochache said the country is already on the fourth wave of coronavirus as statistics have continued to indicate.

“There is absolutely no doubt that we are in the fourth wave. Counties have not invested in autopsy and you cannot ascertain deaths that occur within communities,” Ms Mochache said in response to MPs concerns on the accuracy of the daily infections and deaths released by the ministry.

She told the committee that the ministry is working with counties and the provincial administration to monitor community deaths.
“I see the rising number of deaths in my own village,” Ms Mochache said.

In what may also be a more devastating consequence for the country, travel restrictions may be imposed on Kenya by other countries which are likely to categorise us as a risk factor due to the fact that our numbers are inaccurate hence unreliable. This would further devastate our economy which is already struggling and heavily relies on inter-country trade.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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